iOS Developer Martin J de Klerk

Will Be adding Apps Which I did build personally, as well as professionally. These apps Might have been build with a team and I will indicate such.

The Main reason for my website is to act as a Showcase for my work while acknowledging current state. This is a personal website that, hopefully, will inspire/guide new prospective Computer Programmers.

It stands today; if you have a good internet connection, that can show you YouTube videos, at a code reading level, you can start a Computer Science Career.

If you are wealthy enough to not have to worry about funds. A Degree on the like on coursera and Edx is some of the best places to start. When doing these courses be thorough as they all are, to a degree, practical and most of them are-60% or more- hands-on.

Not to mention That they are videos that you watch. So no” Lecture I don’t Understand” and then the whole class has to hear it again while at the same time. If you missed a phrase or don’t understand the first time you can just rewind. Most have in video Quizzes to verify you are on the bus regarding the particular topic.

On Coursera, there is a course Called Learning to Learn and one of the concepts is that you should, right after learning a topic, recall the content.
This will allow your brain to better understand and comprehend later on.

After Completing the Course Learning to Learn I would recommend you use the Following Github Repository to Educate Your self Computer Science This is the best You can do Even if you have A Bachelor Degree this repo will go along way in your career advancements.

The Repo In question is the following OSSU Computer Science

Open Source Society University - Computer Science