Bot For Stories

This is A idea I had a while ago and has stuck to me. Why not make a cross-platform Application that asked some questions. Using these basic questions to determine what morals/personality/ the user have written a story to contradict the values or at least provide Clarity on why someone else might differ. While at the same time pointing out that the construction of speech from ideas can differ as well.

Some People are moderates and will ideally read some comedy or whatever they fancy. It is computationally very hard to get a bot to write a coherent story with depth like J.R.R Tolkien Etc However that can easily be Optimised and sensitised with some helpful Human input along with the API’s like the Oxford Dictionary API.

The works of AWS LEX the ability to make this experience an interactive one is Highly possible and I would recommend this. Allowing the end-user to select the voice that would read the text or format it in accordance with tone.

Personally I like a vivid fantasy story Like Lord of the Rings I believe If this particular area was exploited some political debacles could be reasoned down to the actual concepts.

At the moment the USA has citizens who believe that the USA has so many COVID Cases because of testing. A simple reasonable explanation is that you need the sick people to be sick to be tested positive for COVID and is more like say speeding cameras for tickets are causing Speeding in the first place.

If we all could understand each other’s views and respect them we would have less conflict or at a minimum more constructive criticism. No-one will have respect for another without the ability to relate. Saying you respect someone’s idea, without understanding, is the peak of bliss and ignorance.

The only way to understand the extremes of our world we will sometimes have to let our senses observe reality and for us to sympathise/empathise with real events the BLM movement is one that is a long time coming and yet we all just “switch off” into our blis and try and mask it with ‘ITS NOT ME” so all is fine mentality.

Movies Are an earthmover but somehow what we learn in them is forgotten right after or what? A week later?. I believe an interactive text/voice will greatly improve comprehension. Games like “Life is Strange” is exceptionally good at getting some messages across but not all like games.

Even if we all played games like “To the Moon” and “Finding Paradise” the effects are limited and not all have the ability to experience the good as they simply don’t have the means. What I’m suggesting is we find a way to get stories back into the realm of people to improve what we called once wisdom and understanding.

Some might reason that seeing another viewpoint is to “bend”, but to those I reply. “An asteroid moves more the closer you are to it”.(Literally)

GPT-3 OR OpenAI API commercial use atm only request for access possible