Sorted APP

This is a APP that I had the pleasure of Building ,a new a few times, along my Team. Keagan Roos and Larry Simetsi, are both helpful and in the case Of Keagan Roos quite the expert.(Only the iOS team)

Sorted is an app that allows the schools that integrate with it to go completely cash less. This is a new app that has a lot of potential. During development we had lots of ideologies used and the one , at least for iOS, was the KISS principle that won. Keeping Classes Small is one of the things Keagan helped with.

The App has 4 parts to it : Swapshop, Events, Chat and MiMoney.

Swapshop: The posts are approved by the teachers, to keep the environment safe. Swapshop is quite innovative as these posts allow the potential buyer to chat with the person over text etc.

Events: The School creates events and specifies the tickets available and price. AS well as how many days this event stretches over. All in one App

Chat is Chat.

Mimoney: The biggest part of the APP enabling features like MasterPass-TOP-UP and Vouchers to be used. Extra security. Ability for Airtime and Data Bundle purchases. and The Most Important part. The ability to Link a card to your Mimoney Wallet. Allowing you to tap the card at any point of sale.

In side the App is all the features and bells to support such a wonderful full App. Such as FAQ section that is driven from a API and a Live Chat.