Unjustified Inequality Explained

Most Believe Inequality to be justified as a Doctor should be paid more than a janitor. So what is Unjustified Inequality?

To understand this you need to understand what a debt based Currency is. A debt based Currency is what we have today in most countries and that is give us money that we “borrow” and then we give you interest on this investment you have made in my Country. Their are a few types of BONDS, but that is not the problem.

The problem comes into play when you look at the flow of money. Yes, the government needs to build Highways and general Infrastructure and Ironically to some individuals disbelieve this is also not wrong. So if the Government is right in Borrowing money to build and The debt just keeps increasing and all is fine what causes this big Unjustified Inequality?

Well, it is one thing, and one thing only… the flow from the top to the bottom and what the entry of money into the economy looks like. At this point in time Big companies are spending profits and doge tax like that. This is mostly to blame, and Simply have one thing on the mind; “How to get the most money to my investors and some if not all CEO’s have that written into their employment contract.”

Makes sense right? More money for my Stockholders is better. And yes on the surface this is right and logical. The problem comes in here;

You need lots of money, that most don’t see in their lifetime to make a good living out of stocks or even enter it. This creates a physical wall to entry in the stock. And Most people wrongly believe the stock market is an indicator of wealth and sadly wealth correlates with the Stockmarket but it is not a causation of wealth.

The causation of wealth and resource is the labour force and those who directly manage the workforce. Yes, all should get paid but we have a “top gets paid first and bottom gets paid the bare minimum ” as to increase “Productivity” and Money flow. However, the value, when measured, is coming from the bottom. At this time

How do we change this?

Well, we can not just up and Adam the Entire flow of debt-based Currencies and the like Of Bitcoin comes to mind. Bitcoin has some serious self-inflicted scale issues. And on the other side, we have Tether that mimics the US Dollar. And will eventually one day also be useless as all try and borrow with borrowed money.

The solution I propose is to have a system that is set in stone. And have rules to Govern it based on facts. And Objective facts that politicians can’t just play like a game of monopoly.

If we have a system that “Prints Money” equally to the individuals regardless of current wealth to a degree that it acts as the new money input. This would greatly increase economic flow. The downfall is this money must be the bare minimum. In order for this to work, all should get the exact same amount and now the flow of money is from the end consumer up.

This should greatly stimulate small businesses in local towns. Yes Amazon will still be a big company and yes some might use the extra 20$ to buy pizza but to the poor it might just help them buy some milk and get some food in a child’s tummy. If we have a economy geared towards the wellbeing of its people; we will have a economy that helps all to live a better life even the billionaire as he will now be a billionaire in a country that has better quality of live.

A extreme cases are Zimbawe and Venezuela where they just kept on printing without recourse and this is the other side of the issue if you just keep on printing and the economy collapses everyone loses and the poor become even more poor. Printing a 10$ a month for each individual will do some good and in other cases it will simply lead to economic meltdown. Once you start to print and you raise the amount as to keep up with a 10$ you have lost the battle and hyperinflation is on the way.

The biggest problem we have today is that Popularity and not sanity, rules. If I promise to print 20$ and my Opponent offers 10$ I’m gonna win even if we don’t have the resources. This is especially true In Africa where most don’t have a solid education.